Added Mods:
  • HD Reworked Horses

  • Follower Death and Injury Chance

  • SmoothCam (SE only, and optional)


  • Apoapse’s Advancement corrected in VR. This fixes the leveling CTD y’all were having.

  • Perks/level now adjustable in Advancement MCM.

  • Khajiit/Argonian skeletons now corrected.

  • True Directional Movement MCM restored.

  • Armor formulas edited; KYE armor removed and Armor Rating Redux introduced.

  • STAYDOWN replaced with Follower Death and Injury Chance.

  • Simple Outfit System removed for now.

  • Another seam corrected in the Glade.

  • Riften textures corrected.

  • Sapphire scene corrected.

  • Azura statue texture fixed.

  • MoreHUD preset updated to look better.

  • Economy more reasonable.

  • SSSO automated correctly.

  • All interior navs reviewed and corrected.

  • Weapon reach fixed.

  • Locational damage (including headshots) settings customized and balanced.

  • Crashing fixed.

  • Almost all instances of “gold” changed to “coppers” or “medes”.

  • Magic HUD bar fix by Haz – will make HUD design much easier.

  • Morrowind-Style Beast Races corrected.

  • Updated lots of mods.

  • Reintroduced traveling merchants in Immersive Patrols.

  • Different minimap resolutions made available by default.

  • Several merges cleaned.

  • Real Names scripts patched.

  • Palace of Kings doors’ positions corrected.

  • Outstanding guards patched for Real Names.

  • Form 43 issue resolved (it was never an issue, it just garnered questions).

  • Rock seam in Wanderer’s Glade fixed.

  • SunHelm “unknown food” bug fixed.

  • Defaulted to borderless window (SE only, of course).

  • Clipping tree corrected.

  • Respawn disables itself now in certain quest-locked locations, to prevent breaking those quests.

  • Nightgate Inn was cleaned up a bit (a lot, actually).

  • The “Traits” book in the Glade was set to reset its location upon re-entering the Glade.

  • A small respawning food/drink knapsack was added to the Glade, in case you die of thirst or hunger.

  • An AI marker in Windhelm was moved.

  • Synthesis.esp masters corrected.

  • Respawn is no longer mandatory.

  • The Spell Research Experience Book bug was fixed, allowing you to open it normally (SE only).

  • Level-up filler messages were removed.

  • A bug involving Advancement was fixed.

v3.0.1 (released as separate zip file on Discord)
  • SunHelm water refilling now works.

  • Memory leak fixed.

  • Apoapse’s Advancement negative EXP values fixed.

  • Frostfall exposure death glitch fixed.

  • Respawn overhaul made optional.

v3.0 - the Wanderer’s Glade.
New Unique-to-Librum Features:
  • Apoapse’s Arcana - Spellforge recreated for the Spell Research system, usable both in SE and in VR

  • Apoapse’s Advancement - completely seamless level-up framework, based on Smooth Attribute Scaling

  • The Wanderer’s Glade - all-new, in-setting starting zone, using the excellent resources from Bosmer City Kit Resource

  • All mod initialization is automated, so you can play normally from the get-go.

  • Totally custom HUD, built on top of Paper HUD and integrating all mod features into a Daggerfall-style bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Redo of city navmeshes, for better pathing and AI.

  • FOMOD selector for new custom start screens, based on the Wanderer’s Glade and designed by PrivateDelta.

Added Mods:

  • Fashions of the Fourth Era

  • Realistic Capacity

  • New suite of combat mods:

    • Role-Playing Perks - Archery

    • Role-Playing Perks - Melee

    • Bows and Arrows Rebalanced

    • Critical Hits Make Sense

    • Archery Quick Shot Perk Bug Fix

    • Slow Effect Fixes

    • Realistic AI Detection - Medium Settings

    • TDF Equipment Restriction

    • Honed Metal and Honed Metal Revoiced

  • New suite of werewolf/vampire mods:

    • Predators - A Werewolf and Vampire Role-Playing Tool

    • Canis Hysteria

    • Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree

  • New UI and quality-of-life mods:

    • MiniMap (SE only)

    • Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn (SE only)

    • Spell Research Experience Book and Enhanced Graphics (SE only)

    • Ask the Way

    • Simply Knock

    • Better Telekinesis (SE only)

    • Auto Walk (SE only, optional)

    • iEquip

    • A Quality World Map and World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders

    • Dialog Interface Reshaped

  • Skeleton and animation redux:

    • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended

    • All Geared Up Derivative (AllGUD) and patches

    • FK’s Diverse Racial Skeletons

    • Digitigrade Beast Skeleton for XPMSSE

    • Feline Movement Animations for Khajiits Only

    • Furniture Height Size Fix and patches

    • First Person Camera Height Fix (SE only)

    • True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay (SE only)

  • New follower framework:

    • Simple Follower Extension

    • Convenient Horses and patches

    • Simple Outfit System

    • Difficulty Balance (SE only)


    • SV Mods Menu wage system

    • Follower Potions (SE only)

    • Quick Mass Follower Command (SE only)

    • Better Follower Stealth AI

  • New creatures:

    • Animallica - Lore Friendly Redux with less bright animals

    • Morrowind Creatures SE

    • Beast Skeletons Revised

    • Wild Penguins

    • Squirrels - Mihail Monsters and Animals

    • Dwemer Spectres

    • Wild Herds of Skyrim

    • Pigeons - Mihail Monsters and Animals

    • Shalks SE and optional fire spell

    • Daedroths SE

    • Scamps SE

    • Echatere SE

    • Hungers SE

    • Welwas SE

    • Kwama Creatures SE

    • Durzogs SE

    • Clannfears SE

    • Improved Fish SE

    • Sea of Spirits (with no snow whales)

    • Snow Whale Bones

    • Seagulls of Skyrim

    • Otters SE (with no Wolf Otters)

    • Snow Whales (with Reyqune’s slowed animation patch)

    • Giant Spider Crabs

  • Grass Redux:

    • No Grass In Objects (and grass LOD)

    • Northern Cathedral Regional Grass

    • Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods

  • ConsoleUtil

  • Attack Speed Framework

  • Forgotten Memories (optional)

  • Don’t Stay in the Water (SE only)

  • Sink or Swim and patches

  • Skyrim Belongs to the Nords - Bandit Edition

  • SkyUI Weapon Icon Patches

  • Configurable Real Names for SSE

  • Timing is Everything

  • Legacy of the Dragonborn - Clockwork Castle Replica Display Patch

  • Daggerfall Main Menu Music and Daggerfall Music Suite (both optional)

Removed Mods:

  • Northern Cathedral Grass (replaced with Northern Cathedral Regional Grass)

  • Nether’s Follower Framework (creative differences)

  • Not So Fast - Main Quest (caused certain quest problems)

  • Archery Gameplay Overhaul (replaced with new mods)

  • Serana Dialogue Add-On (did not meet Librum expectations)

  • Windhelm Brazier Replacer (mesh issues)

  • Nightmare of Lorkhan (replaced with Wanderer’s Glade)

  • Visitant’s Solitude Rooftops (removed from Nexus)

  • Solitude Grass Replacer (removed from Nexus)

  • Growl (replaced with Predators)

  • Curse of the Vampire (replaced with Predators)

  • People are Strangers (replaced with Configurable Real Names)

  • Open Cities (removed from accessible sources)

  • Dawnguard Map Markers (removed from accessible sources)

  • Notice Board MCM (removed from accessible sources)

  • Notice Board - Better Solstheim Quests (removed from accessible sources)

  • Incognito (removed from accessible sources)

  • Septim Texture Replacer (removed from accessible sources)


  • Several spells nerfed and/or rebalanced

  • Several BSA files repacked for faster startup times

  • NETScriptFramework repaired, so crashlogs work

  • Door textures in cities fixed

  • Riverwood navmesh issue fixed

  • Erroneous message removed from respawn script

  • Papyrus script budget increased

  • Dragon Rising no longer steals your dragon souls

  • Inigo’s ebony bow is no longer playable

  • Forgotten City letters muted

  • Witcher 3 music removed

  • Renamed Gold Medes to Gold Septims, in accordance with removing Septim Texture Replacer

  • Incestual couple from 3DNPC removed

  • Several clipping errors resolved

Added Mods:
  • Dynamic Things Alternative (SE only)

  • Project AHO Bug Fix - Start Questline at Level 15

  • Paper UI Sounds (optional)

  • Scrambled Bugs (SE only)


  • Project AHO now starts only after level 15.

  • Fixed MCM menu displays.

  • Fixed non-nude (default) profile.

  • Drink and Fill power works correctly.

  • Armor correctly replaced with NordWarUA assets.

  • SV Mods Menu dialogue correctly mentions medes in place of gold.

  • Arkay’s Cremation book restored.

  • Salt correctly handles the dead, in place of garlic.

  • FMR CTD issue resolved.

  • Lady Stone now allows sleeping.

  • Wood and Paper skin for Dear Diary correctly replaced.

  • Erroneous spell tomes removed (suck it, new players).

  • Pick Up Books Simple functions correctly.

  • No Shiny Argonians correctly applies to nude profile.

  • Erroneous SDK file moved in VR version.


  • New Libri Antiqui added.

  • Ultrawide option for Dear Diary skin.

  • Papyrus budget defaults increased.

  • FMR and AGO enchanted items removed.

  • Many new MCM menus are automatically configured (thanks, hazarduss!)

  • Weapon skill XP gain slowed.

  • Sleep/wait times sped up.

  • Health regen and sleeping cut off at 25% health, instead of 50%.

v2.2.0 - Gold, Silver, and Steel.
Added Mods:
  • New assets from Simply Realistic Armor:

    • Alternative Steel Armor

    • Dragonscale/Dragonbone Armor

    • Glass Armor

    • Stahlrim Armor

    • Thieves’ Guild Armor

  • StLU Immersive Level Up Message

  • Improved Night Sky (VR only)

  • Arbor Philosophorum

  • BodySlide and UNP assets

  • Alduin remaster:

    • Deiform Alduin and ENB Light addon

    • Optional custom remaster of Aurbic Alduin

    • Children of the Sky

  • Animated Armoury and necessary patches

  • Economy Overhaul:

    • Coins of Tamriel

    • Exchange Currency

    • Medes in Your Pockets

    • Septim Texture Replacer

    • Thematic Loot

  • LOTD Pale Pass Extension

  • Spell Research - Patch Grimoire

  • Respawn - Death Overhaul (massively redone for Librum)

  • Optional no-HUD setup for VR:

    • Better Resource Warnings

    • Hidden Location Info and More

    • No Map Menu (redone for Librum)

  • Loot and Degradation

  • Script Patches:

    • To Your Face

    • I’m Walkin’ Here

    • Bard Instrumentals Mostly - Sing Rarely

  • Reflection - Level Up Messages

  • MoreHUD and MoreHUd - Inventory Edition

  • Song of the Green and patches


  • Fixed several 3DNPC-related bugs (will not apply to existing saves).

  • Fixed clipping and navmesh in Old Hroldan Inn.

  • Fixed water refill bugs.

  • Fixed occassional issue with NPC mages glowing.

  • All overwritten trees replaced with Myrkvior versions.

  • Fixed all known object placement issues.

  • Fixed all known water seam issues.

  • Forwarded NSUTR edits to associated objects.

  • Fixed ownership issues in Dawnstar and Falkreath.

  • Fixed Ysgramor’s armor and Vahlok’s armor.

  • Patched remaining magic effects to use ENB Light (SE only)

  • Restored ACE shoes to College questline.

  • Fixed issue with Sunhelm’s resting condition.

  • Fixed issue with Finding Helgi and Laelette.

  • Added cloaks to certain Civil War generals.

  • Mysticism spells fixed for Spell Research

  • Bound Bow FX restored in VR

  • Several scripts manually fixed

  • Dragonsreach LOD fixed


  • More Libri given custom text.

  • Changed names of most remaining Forgotten Dungeons

  • Followers no longer draw weapons until they enter combat

  • Optional darker nights

  • High-level enemies ramped up for party gameplay

Removed Mods:

  • (VR only) Improved Vanilla Torches (messed with torch placement)

  • (VR only) Night Sky HD (caused UI problems on RTX cards)

  • Vokrii-CACO Patch (unnecessary with Arbor Philosophorum)

  • JD’s Coins and Coinpurses (inconsistent with new coins)

  • UNP Vanilla Clothing Replacer (looks better without)

Added Mods:
  • No Starting Spells

  • Arkay’s Cremation


  • Fixed SunHelm water refill

  • Fixed certain Open Cities door issues

  • Fixed root file loading error

  • Fixed “no starting spells”

  • Fixed VR aiming issue


  • VRIK selfie mode disabled by default

Removed Mods:

  • Athletik Combat (correctly this time)

  • NPCs Don’t Regenerate Magicka While Casting (unnecessary)

  • Optional Starting Spells (didn’t work)

  • (VR only! This is still in SE) Frozen Electrocuted Combustion

v2.10 - Libri Antiqui.
Added Mods:
  • Spell Wheel VR (only VR)

  • NavigateVR (only VR)

  • Splashes of Skyrim (SE and VR)

  • Storm Lightning (SE and VR)

  • New ENBs, organized into a FOMOD:

    • Ominous ENB, performance and full

    • Touch of Natural Tamriel, performance and full

    • Silent Horizons

    • Contrastive Adaptive Sharpener

    • Pi-Cho ENB

  • Simply Realistic Armor and Weapons with alt. Steel and Leather

  • SE-specific patches and improvements - SSE Display Tweaks

  • Night Sky HD

  • Improved Vanilla Torches

  • ENB Light (for SE only)

  • Improved College Entry

  • Chewing Sounds for Spell Tomes

  • Helgen Reborn - TGCoF Patch

  • Apoapse’s Balanced Daggerfall Traits

  • Complete Widescreen Fix


  • Distributed Libri Antiqui around the world

  • Removed random enchantments from certain mods

  • Removed all starting spells

  • Rebalanced all traits

  • Included optional patch to use enchantments without perks


  • Patched many bugs and inconsistencies in xEdit

  • Fixed all navmeshes

  • Fixed issue with ENB binaries (SE)

  • Fixed issue with sun spells not working

  • Fixed FEC

  • Fixed floating objects

  • Fixed blocked dungeon doors

  • Fixed voice

Removed Mods:

  • Project NordWarUA (unnecessary with SRAW)

  • Ethereal Cosmos (replaced by Night Sky HD)

  • High Fidelity ENB’s Night Sky (replaced by Night Sky HD)

  • Athletik Combat (I didn’t like it)

  • Smooth Shores (not worth the necessary patching)

  • Better College Application (replaced by Improved College Entry)

v2.0 - Librum Re-Imagined.
Added Mods:
  • Core gameplay mechanics redone:

    • Legacy Race Overhaul

    • Apoapse’s Legacy Startup

    • Blade and Blunt

    • Enchanting Awakened

    • Curse of the Firmament

    • Curse of the Vampire

    • Daggerfall Traits for Skyrim SE

    • Better Magical Progression

  • Nightmare of Lorkhan (by our very own dev, Algeddon!) and Daggerfall Traits patch

  • New follower system:

    • Nether’s Follower Framework

    • Special Edition Followers

    • Interesting Follower Requirements for Interesting NPCs (no hard req’ts version)

    • Meeko Reborn

    • Vigilance Reborn

  • New dungeons and quests:

    • Hammet’s Dungeon Pack

    • The Land of Vominheim

    • Midwood Isle

    • Darkend

    • Hammet’s Dungeons - More Rewards

    • EasierRider’s Dungeon Pack

  • Enemy Encounters:

  • Less Dragons - No Random Dragons

  • Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul

  • Patches for quest mods:

    • Helps to Have a Map patches for Vominheim, Midwood, and Darkend

    • Vigilant - SRCEO patch and delay

    • Project AHO - Start When You Want

    • Unofficial LotD Bruma Patch (and Curator’s Companion add-on)

    • Quest and Reward Delay for Legacy of the Dragonborn

    • Vigilant Crafting Stations by Sovn

    • Project AHO Telvanni Hybrid Temper Patch

    • Moonpath Stuck Combat Music Fix

  • Enhanced graphics for quest mods:

    • Majestic Mountains for Bruma (TheRetroCarrot’s edit)

    • Vigilant Book Covers

    • Ashes - Vigilant Witch Hunter Armor Retexture

    • Stendarr Statue Replacer for Vigilant

    • Alik’r Flora Overhaul for Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

  • New UI for Skyrim SE:

    • Adventurer Theme perk menu and start menu backgrounds

    • A Matter of Time

    • SkyHUD

    • Vigilant Crafting Stations by Sovn

    • Project AHO Telvanni Hybrid Temper Patch

    • Moonpath Stuck Combat Music Fix

  • Enhanced graphics for quest mods:

    • Majestic Mountains for Bruma (TheRetroCarrot’s edit)

    • Vigilant Book Covers

    • Ashes - Vigilant Witch Hunter Armor Retexture

    • Stendarr Statue Replacer for Vigilant

    • Alik’r Flora Overhaul for Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

  • New UI for Skyrim SE:

    • Adventurer Theme perk menu and start menu backgrounds

    • A Matter of Time

    • SkyHUD

    • Paper HUD (bottom bar option)

    • (VR and SE) SkyUI The Adventurer Theme Mod Tweak (by our own dev, Mashtyx!)

  • Gameplay and balance tweaks:

    • Unlocking Shouts Costs No Souls

    • True Teacher Durnehviir

    • Incognito

    • Khajiits Steal ToO - Caravan Fence Option

    • Ask Innkeepers to Show Room

    • (VR only) Simple Realistic Archery

    • No Killmoves - No Killcams - No Killbites

    • (VR) Auto Sneak and Jump

    • True Armor

  • New city overhauls and textures:

    • The Great City of Rorikstead

    • 2K SMIM Whiterun Bench - Dark Option

    • 3D Solitude Market Trellis

    • 3D Whiterun Trellis

    • Better Balustrades for Windhelm

    • Markarth - a Mountainous Experience

    • Markarth - a Reflective Experience

    • Markarth Concrete Walkways

    • Mrf’s Riften

    • Solitude Dome Paintings

    • Solitude Dome New Meshes

    • Solitude Clover to Ivy Replacer

    • Solitude Grass Textures

    • Visitant’s Solitude Rooftops

    • Windhelm Brazier Replacer

  • General graphics improvements:

    • Regal Dragons - SSE Retexture Mod

    • Pretty Animated Potions

    • Cloaks of Skyrim Retextured

    • Real 3D Walls alternative normal map

    • Mari’s Flora all-in-one

    • Enchantment Effect Replacer

    • Retexture for The Scroll

    • Iconic Statues

    • Undead Summons Emerge From the Ground

Removed Mods:

  • Simple Horse (redundant with NFF)

  • Staydown (redundant with NFF)

  • WICO patches (unnecessary with Synthesis)

  • Stunning Statues of Skyrim (Iconic Statues better fits Librum’s theme)

  • TB’s Improved Rivers (mod hidden)

  • High Poly Project (poorly optimized)

  • Bent Pines (unrealistic, so does not fit Librum’s tree goals)

  • OBIS (doesn’t fit Librum’s leveling and magic goals)

  • Summermyst (incompatible with Enchanting Awakened, but we may reintroduce later)

  • Visual Animated Enchants (Enchantment Effect Replacer better fits Librum’s theme)

  • Underwhelming Multiple Followers (redundant with NFF)

  • Shezarrine - the Fate of Tamriel - Prologue (compatibility concerns)

  • Eagle’s Nest Teleport Spell (works against Librum’s magic goals)

  • Diverse Dragons Collection (balance and theme issues)

  • Unique Uniques (largely unnecessary with LotD, so not worthwhile)

  • Individual Mari mods (replaced by all-in-one)

  • JK’s Rorikstead and Rorikstead Wagons (TGCoR better fits Librum’s theme)

  • Advanced Adversary Encounters (SRCEO better fits Librum’s leveling goals)

  • Wildcat (Blade and Blunt better fits Librum’s new combat system)

  • Less Dragons (replaced with No Dragons)

  • Imperious (Legacy better fits Librum’s character goals)

  • Andromeda (Curse of the Firmament better fits Librum’s character goals)

  • Sacrosanct (Curse of the Vampire better fits Librum’s magic goals)

  • Song of the Green - Auri (currently hidden)


  • fixed crash when killing werebears and burnt spriggans

  • fixed dragon corpse issues

  • fixed blacksmith forge water mesh

  • fixed all known floating or misplaced objects

  • fixed Moonpath combat music

  • fixed AHO starting requirements

  • fixed transparency issue with Deadly Spell Impacts

  • fixed inconsistencies with follower payment

  • fixed most VR crashing

  • fixed Growl MCM

  • fixed More Informative Console.

  • fixed player starting spells.

  • fixed RaceMenu overlays.

  • fixed Frostfall MCM.

v1.60 - the Kitchen Sink Update.
Added Mods:
  • The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

  • Dirt and Blood and HD Retexture

  • Wearable Lanterns

  • TFoS Trees of Solitude

  • Remaining Town Overhauls:

    • Kato’s Riverwood

    • Rorikstead Basalt Cliffs

    • Rorikstead Wagons

    • JK’s Rorikstead

  • Bosmer NPCs Have Antlers

  • Cuyi’s Bosmeri Antlers

  • Fulcimentum - More Staves and Wands of Skyrim

  • Combat and Animation changes:

    • Archery Gameplay Overhaul

    • Athletik Combat


    • First Person Combat Animations Overhaul (SE only)

    • First Person Magic Animation (SE only)

    • More Painful NPC Death Sounds

    • No Spinning Death Animation

  • Helps to Have a Map

  • Potion Toxicity

  • TDG’s Legendary Enemies

  • Rally’s Solstheim Shrines

  • Rally’s Candlelight and Magelight Fix

  • Dawnguard Rewritten Arvak

  • Dawnguard Map Markers

  • Bird Sound Removed

  • True 3D Sound

  • Clean Menu Plus

Updated Mods:

  • Grass FPS Booster

  • Serana Dialogue Overhaul

  • Civil War Overhaul

  • Vigilant Armors and Weapons Retexture

  • R.A.S.S.

  • Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers

  • Myrkvior

  • Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

  • Undiscovered Means Unknown (SE only)

Removed Mods:

  • SkyVoice

  • Death Consumes All


  • Fixed bird sound bug.

  • Fixed black face bug.

  • Magic damage fixed.

  • Invisible minotaurs fixed.

  • Made Dragonborn Speaks Naturally optional, but available for both SE and VR.

  • Onmund dialogue/face fixed.

  • Floating door removed in Whiterun plains.

Added Mods:
  • The Curator’s Companion (by popular demand)

  • Visual Animated Enchants

  • Instant Equip VR

  • No Edge Glow

  • Pick Up Books Simpler

  • New Mysticism - Spell Research Patch

  • Depths of Skyrim

  • CAS Sharpener for VR only

Removed Mods:

  • Old Mysticism - Spell Research Patch


  • Fixed SE issue with Sleep to Level Up

  • Fixed shiny Argonian skin in non-nude profile

  • Fixed Realm of Lorkhan Unbound bug

  • Lowered price of lumber

  • Improved LOD files

  • Frostfall/Campfire settings fixed.

  • Fixed animation issues in SE.

  • Fixed blurriness in VR.

Added Mods:
  • Smooth Sky Mesh

Removed Mods:

  • Improved Atmosphere Mesh

  • Improved Cloud Mesh


  • Fixed SunHelm default MCM settings.

  • Updated DynDOLOD.

  • Fixed CTD issue with Bruma.

v1.50 - the Swashbuckling Update.
Added Mods:
  • New combat overhaul:

    • Vigor - Enhanced Combat

    • Flinching

    • Combat Behavior Improved

    • Jumping Behavior Overhaul

    • Locational Damage skse64

  • Vigilant Armors and Weapons Retexture

  • Custom Music for Moonpath to Elsweyr

  • Project NordWarUA - Basic Wolf Armor

  • Vanilla quests redone:

    • Finding Helgi and Laelette

    • Finding Derkeethus

    • Save the Icerunner

    • Chill Out Aela

  • Lawbringer suite:

    • Lawbringer

    • Halted Stream Mine

    • Serenity

    • Tactical Valtheim

    • Radiant Exclusions

  • Wyrmstooth


  • Fixed Frostfall MCM defaults.

  • (ideally) fixed Onmund dialogue

  • non-nude meshes included as optional install

  • Silver Hand leveled lists fixed

Added Mods:
  • Cathedral Mountain Fix

Removed Mods:

  • Destructible Skyrim (for now)


  • Fixed some floating objects in Whiterun Plains.

  • Fixed texture flickering in Morthal.

  • Fixed invisible Erikur’s House bug in Solitude.

  • (VR) Fixed bug with final Apocrypha battle.

  • Removed “Soothe” spell tome from Riverwood trader.

v1.40 - the Monster Update.
Added Mods:
  • I got carried away with creature mods:

    • Hunt of Hircine (creatures only edit)

    • Mihail’s Coral Atronach

    • Mihail’s Old Gods of the Hunt

    • Mihail’s Bantam Guar and Return of the Bantam

    • Mihail’s Corprus Victims

    • Mihail’s Soul Trees

    • Mihail’s Leshens and Nekkers

    • Mihail’s Mudcrab Merchant

    • Mihail’s Rotten Maidens

    • Mihail’s Flesh Golems

    • Mihail’s Cliff Racers

    • Mihail’s Golden Saints (take that, Creation Club)

  • Less Dragons

  • Dear Diary VR Wood and Paper Theme

  • MoreHUD VR

  • IPm - Insane Armory

  • Spinning Skyrim Emblem

  • More to Say

  • Misc Dialogue Edits

  • SV Mods Menu

  • Apoapse’s Watered Down Skyrim Mod

  • Underwhelming Multiple Followers

  • Increase Actor Limit VR

  • Curse of the Undying

  • The Honored Dead

  • Mihail’s Animal Bones

  • Unofficial High Definition Audio Project

  • Volumetric Mists

Removed Mods:

  • Savage Skyrim ESP file

  • iHarvest

  • Cliff Racers on Solstheim


  • Totally cleaned and corrected all modlist conflicts.

  • Most MCM settings automated.

  • Spell tome deleter fixed.

Added Mods:
  • New grass setup:

    • Northern Grass

    • Northern Cathedral Grass

    • Grass FPS Booster (mostly for its graphical style)

  • Magical Blackreach

  • New creatures:

    • Apoapse’s Invisible Lake Dragons (Nexus release coming soon)

    • Mihail’s Dwarven Colossus

    • Mihail’s Dwarven Driller

    • Mihail’s Dwarven Sentinels

    • Mihail’s Iron Golem

    • Mihail’s Storm Golem

    • Mihail’s Verminous Fabricants

    • Mihail’s Wraiths

    • Forgotten Spawns for Forgotten Dungeons

  • Forgotten Dungeons - ELE Patch

  • Simply Stronger Dragons

  • Designs of the Nords (rip Sigils of Skyrim)

  • Insignificant Object Remover

  • Wet and Cold Breath Texture for ENB

  • Wonders of Weather - Less Opaque Rain Splashes

  • Alduin Retexture Mashup

  • Ducks and Swans

  • Dear Diary UI

  • Unofficial Performance Optimized Textures

  • The Northerner Diaries

  • Canopies of Skyrim

Removed Mods:

  • 3D Cathedral Pine Grass

  • VR FPS Stabilizer

  • Birds of Skyrim

  • Heljarchen Farm

  • ElSopa HD Texture Pack

  • The Eyes of Beauty (has glowing eye problem – looking into it now)

  • Shadow Spell Package


  • Totally redid LOD. Should be more consistent, performance-friendly, and higher quality.

  • Finally actually fixed dragons.

  • Lots of performance tweaks, but without noticeable visual drop.

Added Mods:
  • New Auriel’s Dream ENB Preset. I’m working with Kvitekvist to customize it to Librum.

  • New weapon and armor graphics:

    • Project NordwarUA. I’m working with the author to expand that mod.

    • Unique Uniques.

    • Eldruin Dawnbreaker.

    • Remiros’ Hrothmund’s Axe.

    • New Legion, by NordwarUA.

    • Guard Armor Replacer, by NordwarUA.

    • Unplayable Faction Armor, by NordwarUA.

  • Bigger Argonian Tails and Horns are Forever.

  • (optional) Nords Speak Deutsch, Frenchsworn, Italian for Tullius, and Kitties Speak Spanish. These are standalone, so take these only if (a) you speak the aforementioned language or (b) you’re fine with subtitles.

  • Mari’s suite of flora mods.

  • 3D Snowberries.

  • Cathedral 3D Pine Grass and Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers.

  • Food Resized, by Kvitekvist.

  • JS Purses and Septims.

  • High Poly Blackreach Mushrooms.

  • Salmon Roe Replacer.

  • Real Hay 4K.

  • TK Children.

  • Realistic Husky Sounds.

  • ElSopa Texture Pack.


  • Dragon leveled lists fixed.

  • Overly strong knockback fixed.

  • Little Vivec put back on solid ground.

  • Better and more consistent LOD.

  • “Constant metal clanging” bug fixed.

  • Navmesh issues resolved.

  • Open Cities issues resolved.

  • Several mods updated:

Vigilant, Rally’s Five Cities Currency, Be Seated, Weapon Throw VR.

  • Several smaller bugfixes.

  • Slightly more time afforded to Papyrus scripts per frame.


  • If you’re updating from an old save, make sure you disable the old “Soul Search” power in the “Souls Do Things” MCM menu. There’s a new one I made with the same name.

  • Move your current savegames to /profiles/Librum/saves within the Librum MO2 folder.

Added Mods:
  • Custom-to-Librum ENB preset, courtesy of Kvitekvist.

  • Less is More texture fix, also courtesy of Kvitekvist.

  • New beast race overhaul, including optional Morrowind-like feet:

    • Grimoa’s Plantigrade Feet for Beast Races.

    • Barefoot Beasts. I modified this plugin extensively.

    • True Digitigrade Beast Races.

    • Feminine Khajiit Textures (grey cat option).

    • Slightly Less Shiny Argonians (no shine option, modified to work with plantigrade feet).

  • Tempered Skins for Males and Tempered Skins for Females.

  • New region-specific creatures and encounters:

    • Bogmort - Mud Monsters of Morthal Swamp.

    • The Falkreath Hauntings.

    • Wendigos and Howlers.

    • The Blood Horker.

    • Unicorn - The Steed of Hircine.

    • Diverse Werewolf Collection.

    • Grahl - The Ice Troll.

  • Karstaag - The Frost King Reborn.

  • Durnehviir - God of Death.

  • HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Fix.

  • TB’s Improved Rivers.

  • Salt and Wind - KS Hardo’s Retexture. Only used for Vigilant NPCs.

  • Wonders of Weather.

  • Dragon Souls to Perk Points. Replaces corresponding feature from Souls Do Things.


  • Forgotten Argonian Textures’ male textures removed.

  • WICO properly patched.

  • Dragon leveled lists fixed.

Added Mods:
  • Helgen Reborn, now that it’s compatible with Realm of Lorkhan.

  • Better College Application.


  • Fixed SunHelm water issue.

  • Fixed Sleep to Level Up issue.

  • Attempted to fix issue where attack knockback was too high.

  • Removed spell tomes from second Forgotten Spells Redone vendor.

  • Pre-applied MCM settings for Bounty Gold and Clockwork.


  • Apply new MCM changes for CACO and SunHelm.

Added Mods:
  • SunHelm needs instead of iNeed, to fix a known issue with crashing-while-saving.

  • Undiscovered Means Unknown.

Removed Mods:

  • iNeed and extensions.

  • Health/Magicka/Stamina bar patch.


  • Fixed issue with Alduin’s first appearance at Helgen – he originally triggered an abrupt weather change.

  • Fixed issue with wolves throwing you across the map. It was pretty funny.

  • Added several new voice commands – see the optional voice command INI for details.

Added Mods:
  • New graphics:

    • Believable Weapons (not all meshes used).

    • Myrkvior trees.

    • Cathedral landscapes and plants.

    • Fluffy Snow kept on top of Cathedral.

    • Night Sky by SGS, as a darker night sky option.

  • HIGGS VR (every modlist has just added this, I know).

-Azura Shrine Temple and Elizabeth’s Tower - Azura Shrine. The latter was modified.

Removed Mods:

  • Landscape textures, 3D Trees and Plants, etc.


  • Tons of updates. - Pretty Combat Animations and PCA 1hm Animations Overhaul. - Magic Casting Animations Overhaul SSE. - 360 Walk and Run Plus. - Expressive Facial Animation.

  • New graphics:

    • Forgotten Argonian Roots.

    • CoverKhajiits and Better Males-compatible meshes.

    • ENB Brow Fix.

    • Eye Normal Map Fix.

    • Real Bows.

    • Better-Shaped Bows of the Heavens.

    • (optional) Magic Cards Font.

  • New patches for Great Cities series of mods.


  • Fixed problem with No Perks on Level Up module.

  • Added New Voice Commands module.

  • Added location levels on location names and map icons (e.g., “Bleak Falls Barrow” -> “Bleak Falls Barrow (8-14)”)

  • Fixed Forgotten Dungeons map names.

  • Reorganized and rebuilt several merges.

  • Fixed crashes related to Bound Weapons.

  • Activated Shezarrine and Death Consumes All as optional plugins.

  • Fixed ENB version – should fix “white hair” bug.


  • Apply new MCM settings, according to the [Readme](

    • Lock Overhaul, Spell Research, OBIS (disable all changes), Open Cities, VRIK.

  • Clear scripts using Fallrim Tools:

    • AceBloodScriptAddItemstoVendor

  • Wait two in-game days before continuing.

Added Mods:
  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force, and its Higher Player Fall Damage addon.

  • Genesis enemy spawner.

  • Display Enemy Level.

  • Several graphics mods; among them, Better Males, the Eyes of Beauty,

Rally’s suite of mods, Better Dwemer Exteriors, 3D Stonewalls, 3D High Hrothgar Steps, etc.

  • Point the Way.

  • Lock Overhaul.

  • COTN Morthal - Notice Board Patch.

  • Simple Horse.

Removed Mods:

  • Other graphics mods:

SkySight Skins, etc.

  • Essential Lockpicking and Immersive Thievery, for compatibility.


  • Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons added in v0.8 and removed in

v0.8-1, for compatibility.

  • Realistic AI Detection settings changed.

Added Mods:
  • VRIK, Be Seated, and Simple Realistic Archery.

  • MystiriousDawn’s HD Skyrim Overhaul, landscape textures only.

  • AI Overhaul.

  • SkyVRaan water effects.

  • Know Your Enemy, along with Know Your Elements and Light and Shadow


  • Immersive Patrols Simplified.

  • Essential Lockpicking and Immersive Thievery.

Removed Mods:

  • 3D Groundcover‘s landscape textures.

  • Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.

  • OBIS Patrols Addon.

  • MageVR holsters only.


  • Fixed Locational Damage.

  • Balanced Enhanced Reflexes bullet-time mode.

Added Mods:
  • Open Cities and patches.

  • Locational Damage.

  • (Optional) Toggleable Slow Time Power. Acts more like bullet time than

vanilla slow time effects, and drains stamina.

  • Magistrate Levitate

  • iHarvest

Updated Mods:

  • Civil War Overhaul and patches.


First version.