Dynamic World

Continuing on with the theme of the last section, Librum includes a suite of mods designed to make static objects react to your actions. Along with the mods mentioned before, the key players here are Dynamic Things, Dynamic Things Enhanced, Incognito and Sneak Tools (which will come up again later).

The combined effects of these mods are as follows:

  1. Any haypile or stack of wood you find in the game can be looted, and will decrease in size as you loot them.

  2. Almost all “static” containers in Skyrim – crates, barrels, and others – can now be looted. They can also be destroyed with a woodcutter’s axe, which will drop all of their contents and firewood.

  3. Most rocks can be mined with a pickaxe, giving you Hearthfire resources.

  4. Most trees can be cut down with any axe, giving you firewood and other resources. (VR Note) You may need to power attack (hold the trigger) and reach “into” the tree with your axe.

  5. You can drink or bottle liquids from mead barrels and similar containers.

  6. Using your weapons or Destruction magic on training dummies and archery targets will yield experience.

  7. You can harvest mammoth tusks from mammoth skulls you find.

  8. Most “standard” objects, like barrels, urns, and small furniture, will be destroyed if you hit them.

  9. Changing your face at The Face Sculptor in the Ragged Flagon will remove all crime and bounties from you. You can also hide your identity with hoods, face masks, or the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.

  10. Light sources around Skyrim can be ignited and put out, either by standard fire/frost effects or by the fire/water arrows included in Sneak Tools.