The Dragonborn Story

Librum is designed around your character being the legendary Dovahkiin. However, the vanilla experience didn’t fit our vision for what it means to be Dragonborn, and what the The Dragonborn’s story holds. To handle this, we have Dragon souls are free and True Teacher Durnehviir.

The Dragonborn of Legend

For the average denizen of Tamriel, it can take years to fully grasp even the basics of any chosen discipline. People spend their whole lives devoted to mastering a martial art, alchemical study, or even a single school of magecraft. As the Dragonborn, you are capable of feats beyond that of the average person, but mastery always comes at a cost…

For you, the cost is Dragons. The dragons that are reawakening across Skyrim are ancient beings, and their souls hold the knowledge of ages past. As the dragonborn you can, and must, make use of these troves of wisdom if you wish to master any discipline of life.

Thanks to Souls Do Things 2 SE, you can use the souls you absorb from the ancient foes to grant yourself perk points and then begin to truly master your chosen arts faster than any other being could hope to. There is, however, always a choice involved.

The more souls that you hold inside of you, the stronger you are. Your grasp of the Thu’um swells, and you feel the power of these souls invigorating you, granting you bonuses to your attributes. Choosing to condense these souls into wisdom will use them up and negate their abililty to fuel you. But while these souls may be the most common means of aquiring said wisdom, they are not your only means.

There are records and folktales of tomes that hold a similar trove of knowledge. Some scholars theorize that these tomes may be the work of the deadric prince Hermaeus Mora, other disagree and believe that these tomes are actually physical manifestations of some being’s thoughts. Whatever they are, you may come across these tomes in your travels and they will also unlock further power in the form of perks for you. So be on the lookout as you explore and plunder tombs and sites of power across Tamriel.