Librum adds several follower mods, to make the game world a little less lonely. Though some of these mods add quests, their primary role within Librum is to allow you to (a) connect with your followers as real people and (b) effectively run a party-style playthrough. Think Fallout: New Vegas or Dragon Age, but in Skyrim. Librum is designed with followers in mind. Gather your party and venture forth!

Interesting NPCs Interesting NPCs adds a ton of new quests, matching even Bruma for size. It also adds, of course, interesting NPCs, breathing new life into many of Skyrim’s familiar locations. In particular, some of the new NPCs are “super followers”, meaning that they comment on your quests, choices, and locations, and they generally behave like real people. An interesting aspect of Interesting NPCs is, many of the new quests and questlines tie several NPCs together – this gives the game more of a “Dragon Age” feel, in terms of how characters are relatable and recurrent in your adventures.

Interesting Follower Requirements for 3DNPC (Soft Requirements) NPCs This mod adds requirements to various Followers that must be met before you can recruit them to join your party. For example, Hjoromir may be clueless and inexperienced, but he’s savvy enough not to follow someone completely inexperienced as he is. You will now need to be at least Level 5 to recruit him to join you.

Inigo Inigo is Skyrim’s most popular follower mod, for good reason. Not only is he an effective combatant and willing to roll with whatever moral code you’re comfortable with, Inigo is as close to a real companion as any Skyrim follower has come. Importantly, he responds dynamically to most situations, and he talks naturally with you and with other NPCs. Inigo can talk dynamically with vanilla and Interesting NPCs followers.

Lucien Lucien has all the benefits of Inigo, but instead of a burglarizing cat-man, he is a scholar from the Arcane University. Lucien can talk dynamically with Inigo, as well as with vanilla and Interesting NPCs followers.

Song of the Green Song of the Green adds the excellent follower Auri, who is a female Bosmer from Valenwood. Although she does not have as much dialogue as the above followers, this reflects her character naturally. Further, she can talk dynamically with Lucien, as well as with vanilla and Interesting NPCs followers.

Hoth One of the most visually unique follower mods available, Hoth is a grizzled bounty hunter and a new sort of companion to your character. Uniquely, he can provide bounty quests radiantly, dependent on your current area. He can talk dynamically with Auri.

Special Edition Followers

Serana Dialogue Edit and Serana Dialogue Addon Together, these mods turn Dawnguard’s beloved vampire follower into the sort of “super follower” introduced by the above mods. She is now aware of most quests and situations you find yourself in, and she speaks naturally with you and with others.

Useful Dogs Although a minor addition relative to the follower mods above, Useful Dogs allows you to give commands to your canine companion. You can send them looking for food, weapons, ammunition, keys, and more, in the style of Fallout 3 and 4.

Meeko Reborn and Vigilance Reborn Giving some extra love to two of the most loyal of companions.