The Librum Vision

Librum significantly affects nearly every aspect of gameplay; in this section, I explain all of the significant changes that have been made, and how they change the Skyrim experience. I will separate it here into various “modules” for ease of explanation – however, this does not reflect any clean-cut separations of Librum mechanics. Changes from the various modules overlap, affect one another, and work together to create a consistent Librum experience. For instance, Spell Research forces mages to interact with the survival elements of Librum, and these survival elements turn a quest like Clockwork into a precarious and time-sensitive escape mission.

With this in mind, here is a rough breakdown of what Librum accomplishes. Please see the tabs to the left for each facet of gameplay.

With every change, Librum attempts to adhere to the points of its core philosophy:

  1. Librum is a game about being Dragonborn. Your dragon soul is a fundamental part of your character’s development, and there is no way to indefinitely avoid this destiny.

  2. The world is static in ways that make sense, but dynamic in all others. The world is not centered around you, but it reacts realistically to the actions you take and the choices you make. In particular, the ways in which you interact with the world change as you become more powerful.

  3. Magic in all forms is a dangerous, arcane, and powerful force. Magic can solve most any problem you have, but – as an example – acquiring a single Master-level spell might take a whole playthrough.